Growling Grass Frog/Southern Bell Frog (Littoria raniformis)

Who am I?

I'm a medium-sized frog, typically measuring around 4 to 6 centimetres in length. I have a sleek, streamlined body with long hind legs. I often have a distinctive mottled or marbled pattern on my back, ranging from shades of green to brown. I produce a distinctive "growling" or "grunting" sound, likened to the sound of a distant motorbike or a revving engine.

Where can you find me?

Endemic to South-eastern Australia, and you can usually find me hanging out in wetlands, swamps, dams and slow-moving streams. Look out for me among the grasses, reeds, and aquatic plants along the water's edge. I am often confined to some areas of urban space these days, in human-adapted environments. I am more likely to be heard than seen, so keep an ear out when exploring local wetlands and swamps!

Why am I threatened?

The changes to my environment caused by urbanisation and agricultural clearing have caused the biggest impact on my population. Many swamps, wetlands and bogs have been cleared and drained for these purposes, leaving me with limited access to safe areas to live and breed. Pollution from stormwater and agricultural runoff can be detrimental to my species, relying on water sources to survive.

How can you help?

Be careful to avoid polluting stormwater, and waterways which we rely on to survive. Protect or encourage protection of wetlands, farm dams and other water sources and avoid draining water from swampy areas. Keep an ear out when visiting wetland areas and listen for our call to help build and share knowledge on our distribution.

Get involved now!

If you have seen or heard a Growling Grass Frog, please report it to us HERE

If you want to join our Landcare group and get involved with on-ground works such as planting, weeding and educational activities, sign up HERE

Thank you for contributing to protecting a local threatened species!


Victorian Conservation Status: Vulnerable

Key Ecological Vegetation Classes: Swamp Scrub, Wetlands.

Key Flora Species: Common Reed (Phragmites australis), Water Ribbons (Cycnogeton procerum), Bulrushes (Typha spp.)

Photo credits: Top: Growling Grass Frog by Dave Newman

Gallery (left): Growling Grass Frog by Brendan Casey (middle) by Brendan Casey. Illustration by Craig Boase.